Smokin Upstream
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About Us
It’s been said about me, “She could eat salmon 3-times a day — 7-days a week and not get tired of it!” So it’s not surprising that I want to share with you one of my favorite ways to enjoy salmon! Slow roasted, pit-smoked succulent salmon!

It all began around the early part of the 2000s. I was smokin’ a brisket for a family event. There were so many hot coals left — just beggin’ to be used. So I ran to the store and bought a 3-pound side of salmon, seasoned it, and put it on the smoker. I remember telling my husband “there will be quite a bit of salmon left over, I’ll just freeze it.” You see, I thought my step daughter Sheila and I would be the only ones eating the salmon.

To my astonishment, most of the salmon was gone! Just a small piece left. So I continued to make my pit-smoked salmon for parties, until I began to get requests. “Will you make a smoked salmon for my party, I’ll pay you?”

And that’s how it all began.

There are several flavors of salmon. To make sure your salmon is as fresh as possible it’s made-to-order. There are several appetizers, and from time-to-time — fresh seasonal products are made available and all are made-to-order. And for those direct orders, we do full plating for that finishing touch. When it’s ready — you can pick-up or your order is delivered. We also have it in a convenient grab-&-go package you can get through our wholesale distributors. Their store locations.

I love pit-smoked salmon so much, I just want to share it with everyone.