Everett & Elaine
Address: 8356 Thompson Rd Northlake, TX, 76247
Phone: 469-705-4525
About Us
Having grown up in the pecan industry, co-owner Kevin developed a love for fresh baked goods and treats made with pecans from the family’s orchards. After having met co-owner and CIA-Hyde Park graduate Yang, they decided to start a small bakery doing just that. With just a folding table, a table cloth and what was left in their small savings,

Everett & Elaine was born, first debuting at the Dallas Farmer's Market in the fall of 2015. The company's namesake was named in honor of Kevin's parents, Jim Everett and Teresa Elaine, who had been in the pecan industry since the early 1970's and served as a major inspiration behind the company's creation.