Jersey Girls Dairy
Address: 5326 E FM 852 Winnsboro, TX, 75494
About Us
Happy cows produce the best-tasting milk, which is why we let our cattle roam on the open pastures. Our milk tastes so natural and fresh you would think you were drinking it straight from the udder. It’s packed full of vitamins A, D, E, and K and makes for a creamy refreshing drink.The cows are pasture-raised year-round and only confined to be milked. The cows are NEVER given growth or milk enhancing hormones. They live on a diet of 85% grazing (grass, silage, and dry hay) and 15% of feed.

**Please note: Jersey Girls milk and cheese are PRE-ORDER only. Orders must be placed by Tuesday at noon to be picked up on Friday. If the cut-off is missed, the products will be available the following week.